These are my fantasy worlds. They are not meant to have grand or epic adventures all the time. Many times the adventure is found in the small things.

There are three main worlds I run my way using my rules which are modified 3rd edition rules. 4th edition sucks and is not dungeons and dragons it is a world of warcraft game so no ideas or rules form it will be accepted here.

The first world i ever created was a place called Trembor. It is quasi retired now after almost 15 years of active playing and development. This world had anythign going on at once and was how the jokes and ripping began.

The second world we have goign on is called imaginatively enough Aerth. It is the first one that my new ruleset was developed with. a lot of this game is involving politics, there is a tendency to have a few higher level adventures in this world with peopel able to rise to lords, ladies, and world leaders.

The third world is basically called Terra. It is a lot more generic and basic and is used to introduce my gaming concepts and ideas to new players and test new ideas. It has a lot more basic adventures and ideas.

A word of warning no idea is left un stolen, any book, movie or tv show is fair game for an idea or word or phrase to be ripped and used later. I have grand ideas and bathroom humor side by side. A great city called OZ ruled by a wizard as well as the standard sword swinging bare chested barbarians. All the stereotypes are there as well as some twisted on their head. I make no money off this and don’t claim that everythign here is my idea. But ideas are like rain they are everywhere and bring the world to life. ideas are a many spendored thing. Ideas lift us up where we belong. All you need is ideas…....

Welcome friends and peaceful strangers.

My fantasy worlds

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