Humans are not the dominant species on Etheria. Elves, Dragons, Halflings and other species all shared this world. Monsters roamed the lands. Treasures where created and lost. Magic was strong in almost everyone. The deities roamed the world.

Etheria saw this situation change with the arrival of 5 huge spelljamming vessels crashing onto the planet. The humans on board altered the very nature of the world. Magic recoiled and shifted. The humans brought with them aspects of their deities which caused the Etherian deities to retreat from the world to meet with these newcomers. The humans faced an up hill battle. Their wizards could not properly integrate into the wave of magic on Etheria so all their spells did not work quite right. Their Clerics where weak as their gods where not native to Etheria either.

The humans were fortunate in that they landed in a remote coastal region that was not strongly claimed by any major powers. They managed to make contact with natives and develop friendly relations. As the humans expanded the Elves and Dragons ignored them. The initial chaos of their arrival had calmed as the ripples from a rock in a pond eventually still. Until one day there was direct contact between the humans and the elves that set off a major conflict. The Humans almost lost but they managed to make allies with dwarves and orcs who lived in their area or nearby area and carved out a small kingdom of their own.

Years went by and the humans developed their culture and their kingdom and integrated their friendly orcs into their civilization. They have a strong trading partnership with the dwarves. Even the halflings they encountered where welcomed and joined the Human Kingdom of Daventry on Etheria. The humans have yet to become a dominant species on the world but they have carved out a small niche for themselves.

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