The country of Genovia is based on the traditional pseudo-English countryside that is found in most fantasy worlds. The overall ruler is a King with feudal lords ruling over various sections of the county. Females are granted a great deal of freedom and power within Genovia.

Humans are the most populous species within the country with most of the fae races living in lands especially reserved for them. These reserved lands are usually out of the way of most of the prime lands. Fortunately with magic the Elves and others where able to make these self-autonomous reservations thrive.

Agriculture is the main product of Genovia with many Sugar Beets being exported each year. Also sea fishing is an important product. There are few imports other than Coffee from Andulasia, and certain special herbs and spices from further inland that do not grow well in the Genovian region.

Magic is moderately common in Genovia with Divine magic out numbering arcane magic slightly. There are war wizards in the service of the lords and King as well as independent hedge wizards. Necromancers and others who use their magic for evil are hunted down and dealt with harshly.

Every Lord must tithe a percentage of their income to the Crown as well as they are obligated to send a percentage of men to the royal army. They may keep a small peacekeeping force in their land as well as train and equip a local militia.

The capital of Genovia is a City known as Royalsport located just south of the mouth of the Amazing River. It is a large port city that the royal army is headquartered at. There is a fledgling navy that is used to protect the fishermen from monsters and pirates.

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