The world of Trembor is the first world I created as such it has grown over the years. From a small single village to a vast continent filled with diverse cultures and a western section of this continent on the far side of an inland ocean just being opened for colonization and exploration players can find all sorts of character ideas and adventures. It is even tied into other realms and worlds with the Spelljammer series of games.

Trembor falls under the classification of High magic as there is magic everywhere. In some places it is as common as modern technology while in others it might be a bit more uncommon but still around and available. The mysteries of magic are pierced in some places while peasants still cower in fear at the magical hex sign a person may display. Wizards may be self taught hedge wizards, apprenticed to a mighty arcanist or attend a wizarding school. Clerics may freely mingle and meet with agents of the divine and the diabolical as may a commoner at the least expecting moment.

Trembor has several distinct cultural regions in the main adventuring region known as the Heartlands. The most powerful of these is the Free City State of Oz which is ruled by a benevolent grand wizard and demi-god known as Olan the Magnificent. Second place is the Elven lands known as the Elmist which covers the heart of the heartlands themselves. Various human, Dwarven and other species settlements range across the land. Almost any cultural archetype can be found from traditional knights in shining armor to vikings to samurai on Trembor as there are cultures where they may be found.

There are no species restrictions for player characters on Trembor. This includes dragons, undead, and other species usually portrayed as monsters. There are also no class restrictions on Trembor. Basically anything goes as long as the Player can come up with a good reason for it to exist. So a Vampiric Hobbit Paladin is not only possible but can be plausible on Trembor.

The following list is a select highlight of the main civilizations on Trembor.

Open species


Human Dominant



Castle Kellogg


Mos Eisley

Elven Lands



Dwarven Lands

Dol Guldur


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